Have you ever lost someone very special to you and found it hard to move on?

Me too—my husband and I have dedicated my third book—A Shattered Life Restored to him.


About Walking with Christ

Walking with Christ is a website I created AFTER I started my journey as a Christian Fiction Author and started growing more in my spiritual life and learning more about spiritual warfare. This platform is to share and teach anyone who wants to grow more in Christ and also to understand how to use scriptures as weapons against their enemies.

Free Bookmarkers

Do you enjoy using bookmarkers? How about a bookmarker that not only helps you keep up with your reading but also offers you spiritual tips and warfare prayers to help you fight your battles? And of course, excerpts from all three of my books? Is your answer yes? Then click the link below to get info of how to get anyone you wish.

Book Quotes

“Derek, no one is perfect. If we let the devil rob us every time God blesses us with someone because they make a mistake, no relationship would last. Trouble sometimes comes to test the true nature of our character. Should I give up on you for that when you have been there for me more than anyone else has? How can I honestly say I love you if I cannot forgive you? Would I not want the same from you if the tables were turned?” She caressed his cheek. “How can I say I have Christ in me if I deny the very nature of Christ from working through me in the life of another?”

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